Creating Upcycled Hot Water Bottles

Creating Upcycled Hot Water Bottles - CosyPanda

I am very excited to share the launch of our first circular hot water bottle collaboration with the Old Bank Rooms luxury suites, located in the charming Cotswold village of Bourton on the Water.

 The Inspiration

After a successful 6 months of providing the Old Bank Rooms with our recycled faux fur covers we wanted to see if we could make a set of fully bespoke covers for them.

When discussing how to design covers to match their bedrooms we learned of the high-quality materials that they used, from super soft premium linen sheets to fluffy organic cotton bath robes. It was clear to us then that the best way forward was to repurpose these materials.

The Transformation

The process began by sampling all the different materials that were being discarded or disposed of and testing each of them for use in a hot water bottle cover. All fabrics were of course meticulously cleaned and sanitised before use.

The Design

What we found worked best was using the soft bed linen as the outer cover and using the bathroom robes and towelling for the inner insulating wadding material. We then embroidered the bottles with the Old Bank Room logo and hey presto a hot new circular hot water bottle cover was born.

By repurposing these fabrics, we give them a new lease on life, while reducing waste and costs. Many thanks for reading and please reach out if you are interested in collaborating or just want to connect.

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