Repurposing Fashion Deadstock For Our Covers

Repurposing Fashion Deadstock For Our Covers - CosyPanda

CosyPanda is only 14 months old and we are continually learning about different sustainable materials and practices. One such solution that we have recently learned about is utilising dead stock, which refers to unused or surplus fabric from the textile industry. 

One fantastic provider of deadstock is Fabric-house who are based in Italy but have a show room in Tonbridge, Kent. We therefore made the journey down last month to see their selection of over 3,000 deadstock fabrics. 

fabric house logo

These fabrics, which would otherwise end up in landfills all comply with their circular fabric standard, meaning these fabrics are better for the environment than any other sustainably certified fabric: zero resource consumption, zero emissions, zero disposal, and minimal energy use. Not only are the materials super sustainable but they of fantastic quality and they have a vast range  of materials to choose, from thick faux leather to light fresh linen. 


We shortlisted an initial 20 materials from the 3,000 fabrics in the showroom and then made samples from 5 and will be releasing 3 initial deadstock covers this winter (with many more to come). Our favourite was a Jersey Cotton Cloud Melange fabric (see below), which is soft, thick and looked and felt perfect for using outside, such as on a boat in the always chilly UK seas. 


So, we ordered all the rolls of fabric that they had and will be releasing these "boating" bottles next month. 

Cosy hot water bottle

It has been fantastic to work with a provider of fabrics that cares as much about sustainability and premium materials as we do. Here is to many more deadstock covers!

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