Upgrading The Humble Hot Water Bottle

Upgrading The Humble Hot Water Bottle - CosyPanda

With energy prices increasing at ludicrous rates and domestic heating accounting for 14% of the UK's total greenhouse emissions, we started CosyPanda 10 months ago with the question: "What can we develop to help people use less central heating?"

We looked at current products and solutions - from smart thermostats to electric heaters, but kept coming back to the humble hot water bottle, a product that uses only a tiny amount of energy, can be reused thousands of times and stays warm for hours after filling.

So, we set about developing improved hot water bottles and covers that felt great, stayed warmer for longer and were made only from sustainable materials.

How can you improve the hot water bottle?

There are a great number of factors to be considered from how it looks, how it feels, its heat retentionsafety and even its smell (or desired lack of it).

People are understandably particular about their hot water bottles, it being a support when ill, a trusted friend for body aches and of course a bedtime and around-the-house warming companion.

What we found was that the cover itself plays a huge part in product performance with the majority of market offerings only opting for cheap polyester.

Broken down, a quality hot water bottle and cover have four key components: an outer cover material, insulating wadding, light and strong lining material and the rubber bottle itself.

Our Snug Teddy Cover - cover material made from recycled plastic bottles

So, we tested hundreds of different natural and sustainable materials to combine with a natural rubber bottle and ended up with quite a unique mix of organic cotton brushed lining, naturally insulating bamboo wadding, and a range of cover materials from recycled fabrics to bamboo and even ocean-bound recycled plastic bottles.

What's next? I hear you ask. Deadstock, more natural materials and upcycling.

We now want to focus on using more deadstock and upcycled materials to make our covers even more sustainable and grow our range and styles of covers.

Read here about our circular collaboration with a boutique hotel in the Cotswolds (our home) in which we used their material waste (luxury dressing gowns, sheets and towelling) to make a range of bespoke and embroidered covers.

We are also launching a range of outdoor covers, such as the below cover which is made from GOTS Certified organic cotton and has an internal waterproof layer for faster drying and internal protection should you get it wet. 

Check out our current range of covers and bottles here and please reach out to find out more or if you want to work on a circular cover collaboration, no idea is too crazy!

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