How To Avoid Hot Water Bottle Burns

CosyPanda and national burn awareness day

In partnership with National Burn Awareness Day we wanted to write a important article on how to avoid hot water burns and scalding. We are sure you agree that while hot water bottles are fantastic products for staying warm, it's essential to follow some simple precautions when using a hot water bottle.

Choose a high-quality bottle & check date of production

First and foremost, choose a hot water bottle made of high-quality materials. Opt for a durable and heat-resistant rubber or silicone bottle that can withstand very high temperatures without deforming or leaking. Avoid using cheap, low-quality bottles that might crack or burst, causing serious burns. Look for the UK BS 1970:2012 mark on the bottle neck which refers to the bottle meeting quality and safety standards.

Bottles should only be used for up to 3 years before they need replacing. On the neck of each bottle, you will see two numbers (in the picture below, you can see 22). Though this refers to the year that the bottle was manufactured (here, 2022) rather than when it started being used, it is a good guide to how old your bottle is. A good rule of thumb is not to use a bottle that is more than 4-5 years old. 

Fill properly & with patience 

When filling your hot water bottle, it is advised not to use boiling water. However, most importantly you must take your time and fill it only 2/3 full. After filling, securely fasten the cap or stopper to avoid any accidental spills. You should be able to turn the bottle upside down over the sink once fastened and no water will come out. 

Furthermore, it is advised to lay the bottle flat to gently expel any air when filling. 

Use a cover


Always use a cover or towel to wrap the rubber hot water bottle in before applying it to your skin. This provides an extra layer of protection and prevents direct contact between the hot surface and your skin, as you can see below, our covers are made up of 3 materials (the cotton lining, bamboo wadding and thick outer material)

Check for Wear and Tear & Leaks

Hot water bottles are not meant to last forever. Over time, they may develop wear and tear. Regularly inspect your hot water bottle for signs of damage, and replace it if necessary.

If burns do happen please seek medical support. Below is a link to the NHS support page.

NHS Advice & Guidance

Thanks for reading and please stay cosy and safe,


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