Which Bottle Shape Is Right For You? Long, Mini Or Standard?

Which Bottle Shape Is Right For You? Long, Mini Or Standard?

Too long, too short or just right?

Whilst the vast majority of hot water bottles sold and used globally are 2 litre standard shaped bottles, there are now many different shapes and sizes available. 

At CosyPanda we offer 3 different shapes of hot water bottles: a mini bottle, a long bottle and the standard bottle. 

So, which is best for you? 

The Standard 2 Litre Bottle

Starting off with the most popular bottle, the 2 litre standard bottle and cover is great for sleeping with, cuddling with on the sofa, rested on your lap while working at a table or putting behind your back to help with general back pain and other aches. It stays warm the longest out of all the bottles (for around 4 to 6 hours).

The Mini 0.5 Litre Bottle


The mini bottle takes 1/4 of the water of the standard bottle. This bottle will get toasty quickly but will not retain heat for as long as the standard bottle due to it's size. You can expect 2-3 hours of good warmth from it. 

It is great for warming your hands, applying to specific areas of pain and giving to children. 

The Long 2 Litre Bottle


The 2-litre long bottle takes the same amount of water as the standard bottle and stays warm for a long time, although slightly less than the standard bottle due to it's greater surface area. You can expect 3 to 5 hours of warmth. 

This bottle is great to wear on your shoulders, around your waist and to sleep with length ways. 

We hope that was helpful - please see here for a video on the three bottle types too.



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