How To Empty & Remove A Hot Water Bottle Cover

Rubber hot water bottle and cover

Roll Neck Design

Hot Water Bottle Cover
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When designing our CosyPanda hot water bottle covers we decided to go for a roll neck design so that all the rubber bottle is covered and insulated, meaning a nicer feeling and no lost warmth. This does mean removing the bottle can require a little bit more effort so please see the below instructions and videos for help. 

To Empty Used Water 

Hold back the neck fabric and then unscrew the stopper and pour the water away, by exposing the rubber bottle neck you will avoid getting the cover wet. 

To Remove The Cover

Fold out the neck material so that the cover is as long as possible. Next, pull the bottle out from the top while holding the bottom of the cover with your other hand. If needed squeeze the middle of the bottle with your first hand while pulling out. 

To Replace The Cover 

Make sure the neck fabric is rolled out, then squeeze the bottle so that the two sides are meeting and then push the the bottle into the cover while pulling the cover material around it. Finally, when the bottle is nearly in the cover shake the cover from the top, so that the bottle slides into place. 

2L Hot Water Bottle Video

Mini Hot Water Bottle Video

Long Hot Water Bottle Video

Washing Advice

All covers are suitable for a cold hand wash or a low temperature and delicate machine wash.

If you are having any trouble still, please just message us on our website or email me at



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