Sustainable Warmth

We are on a mission to provide nature powered warmth to individuals and families through our unique range of sustainable hot water bottles.

From the people
From the people

"My trusted companion now for every winter night and while working at home"

Kate T, Edinburgh
From the people

"My mini hot water bottle has been absolutely amazing in helping with my stomach cramps"

Lucy T, Bristol
From the people

"My children just love their snug teddy hot water bottles, we now have a little routine each night filling them up together."

Jane L, York
From the people

"Not only does it keep warm for ages, but it's also super soft and made of quality materials"

Robert S, London

Natural Warming Technology

Thick, warm & sustainable outer cover materials

Quilted bamboo & cotton blend inner insulation

Durable brushed cotton base lining

Heat retaining ribbed natural rubber bottles