Innovating a Timeless Heating Solution

Cosy Panda Hot Water Bottle Team

Our Story

The humble hot water bottle has always been a staple for winter nights and body aches in both our families.

So, when energy bills hit new ludicrously high levels (and we became aware of just how emission heavy central heating is), we made it our mission to find a way to upgrade the current offerings and make bottles and covers that look great, feel great and, crucially, stay warmer for longer.

All our covers are handmade in the UK and are developed with a range of premium, sustainable materials.

We hope you’ll love them as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

Freddie & Dan

The Problem

How can we stay warm for longer whilst using less expensive and emission heavy central heating?

The Solution

The hot water bottle of course! Now how can we make bottles and covers that stay warm for longer and that are made solely from natural and sustainable materials?

Luxury Hot Water Bottles


We tested hundreds of sustainable materials to create our first range of hot water bottle covers, that are handmade at our partner factory in Swindon, UK.

First Year

Our first year was full of learning, listening to our customers and spreading cosy warmth. Our UK made hot water bottles reached homes across the UK and even featured at the prestigious Le Bon Marché in Paris.

What's Next?

Look out for more bottles and covers to suit different tastes, ages and needs including childrens hot water bottles.

Join us for the next chapter in the CosyPanda journey.

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