Natural warming

Quality Sustainable Materials

Using only premium and sustainable materials is a core part of our company's approach. Not only are our materials soft, vegan, cosy and durable, but they're produced in harmony with the planet and all life upon it.

Sustainable Hot Water Bottle of Cosy Panda

Natural Rubber

Manufactured from rubber trees in southern China.

All of our covers meet the UK BS1970:2012 safety standard and have been produced with a new more durable and safe screw top lid.

Hot Water Bottles Cosy Panda

Brilliant bamboo

The planet's fastest growing plant, bamboo is a fantastic natural material. It’s renewable, biodegradable, durable and naturally antibacterial – which means it rarely needs a wash, boosting its eco credentials.

We use bamboo in our wadding and as a cover material.

If Pandas love it, it must be good!

hot water bottle cosy panda

Recycled Fabrics

The creation of textiles and fabrics relies heavily on natural resources, and particularly, water. Which is why we only use recycled fabrics, such as recycled faux fur.

The only challenge is that recycled fabrics is less readily available and so it comes at a premium.

hot water bottles for children cosy panda

Innovative Materials

With the growing move to sustainability new innovative materials are being developed, such as the teddy fabric we use which is made from recycled plastic bottles. We are constantly looking for new materials to use for future covers.

Long Hot Water Bottle by Cosy Panda

Natural Warming Technology

Thick, warm & sustainable outer cover materials

Quilted bamboo & cotton blend inner insulation

Durable brushed cotton base lining

Heat retaining ribbed natural rubber bottles

Sustainable Packaging

All of our packaging has been carefully selected to be as sustainable as possible.

All covers come with a natural rubber bottle included

Cosy Panda Hot Water bottle
Cosy Panda Hot Water Bottle
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Handmade here in the UK