Our Process

To make great products we believe that you have to combine considered design with quality materials and quality production. As avid hot water bottle lovers we wanted to make bottles that people would look forward to using.

Natural Rubber Hot Water Bottle

Natural Rubber Bottles

We started by sourcing natural rubber bottles that were thick and sturdy, did not smell and retained heat.

All of our bottles also meet the UK BS1970:2012 safety standard and have been produced with a new more durable and safe screw top lid.

Long Hot Water Bottle by Cosy Panda

The Power of Layers

We then hand tested thousands of materials to create covers that were soft, snug, kind against the skin and that would deal with frequent use.

Thick, warm & sustainable outer cover materials

Quilted bamboo & cotton blend inner insulation

Durable brushed cotton base lining

Heat retaining ribbed natural rubber bottles

Expert Production

Finally, we found the best team of expert sewers in Wiltshire, UK to hand make all of our covers.